Date Title
26.10.2023 paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA resolves bond buyback programme for up to nominal EUR 20,211,000.00 of its 6.75% bond 2017/2027 PDF
11.05.2023 paragon: Sale of AI subsidiary paragon semvox to CARIAD completed PDF
10.01.2023 paragon decides on a tender offer of up to CHF 10 million in relation to its outstanding CHF 21 million 4% bonds 2019-2023 PDF
01.12.2022 paragon sells AI subsidiary paragon semvox to CARIAD PDF
09.11.2022 paragon company founder and CEO Klaus Dieter Frers informs paragon that he expects to lose his entire share package in the near future PDF
20.01.2022 paragon plans prolongation of its 2017/2022 notes; parallel examination of a possible partial redemption PDF
10.12.2020 Signature of Letter of Intent Regarding Initial Partial Sale of Voltabox Share Block and Awarding of Call Options PDF
21.10.2020 Automotive Supplier paragon Exceeds Market Expectations with 10% Increase in Revenues in Third Quarter PDF
08.05.2020 Balance Sheet Adjustment at paragon Subsidiary Voltabox Leads to Significant Extraordinary Effects PDF
27.03.2020 paragon Retracts Revenue and Earnings Forecast as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
03.03.2020 paragon Plans Sale of Stake in Voltabox PDF
12.08.2019 paragon adjusts revenue and earnings forecast for the 2019 fiscal year PDF
01.04.2019 paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA resolves to issue a bond in the minimum amount of CHF 30 million with the possibility to increase the total amount up to CHF 40 million PDF
2018‑10‑15 paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA Resolves to Issue New Bond
2018‑09‑12 paragon acquires 82 percent of SemVox GmbH, a company specializing in voice control and intelligent assistance systems
26.03.2018 paragon AG Planning Conversion Into Partnership Limited by Shares (KGaA) PDF
2017‑10‑10 paragon AG: Electro Mobility Subsidiarity Voltabox AG Sets the Final Issue Price at EUR 24.00 per Share
2017‑09‑25 paragon AG: E-Mobility Pioneer Voltabox AG Announces Price Range for Planned IPO
2017‑09‑11 paragon AG: Electro Mobility Subsidiary Voltabox AG Plans to Go Public in Autumn 2017
2017‑06‑19 paragon AG Resolves to Issue New Bond
2016‑10‑05 paragon AG Successfully Concludes Capital Increase: Placement of 411,478 New Shares at EUR 32.50 Each
2016‑10‑04 paragon AG passes resolution to increase capital: up to 411,478 new shares will be issued, with subscription rights excluded
2015‑02‑18 paragon AG: Preliminary consolidated key figures for fiscal 2014 exceed forecasts
2014‑01‑29 paragon announces forecasts for 2014 and 2015
2013‑06‑13 paragon AG issues corporate bond
2013‑04‑04 Dividend of EUR 0.35 per share proposed
2013‑03‑20 Successful fiscal year 2012
2012‑11‑21 Positive performance continues
2012‑09‑26 paragon takes over Artega's assets
2012‑08‑22 Strong revenue growth in the first half of the year
2012‑05‑08 Revenue increase of 11.8% in the first quarter
2012‑03‑12 Strong Growth in 2011
2012‑02‑22 paragon exceeds its own expectations
2011‑11‑16 Stable business trend
2011‑08‑10 paragon raises its profit forecasts
2011‑05‑11 Business going exactly according to plan
2011‑03‑15 paragon comfortably outperforms own forecasts
2011‑01‑19 Upward trend consolidated
2010‑12‑01 paragon expects higher profits
2010‑09‑30 Upturn at paragon continues
2010‑09‑01 Restructuring of paragon AG completed
2010‑08‑12 Successful restructuring and strategic realignment
2010‑06‑01 paragon AG completes period of insolvency
2010‑05‑03 paragon AG publishes financial forecast for 2010
2010‑04‑16 Meeting of creditors approves paragon AG's insolvency plan
2010‑01‑20 paragon restructuring is beginning to take shape
2009‑12‑16 Management Board of paragon AG withdraws application for self-administration
2009‑10‑22 paragon firstronic GmbH applies for the start of insolvency procedures
2009‑10‑07 Subsidiaries of paragon AG apply for the start of insolvency procedures
2009‑10‑05 paragon AG aims at planned insolvency under self-administration
2009‑03‑17 paragon AG: Slump in sales leads to disappointing 4th quarter 2008
2008‑11‑04 paragon AG: Excellent business development confirms forecast for the year
2008‑08‑05 paragon AG distinguishes itself sharply from the prevailing trend in the automotive industry
2008‑05‑06 Strong first quarter for paragon AG
2008‑03‑31 paragon Starts Fiscal 2008 with New Strength
2007‑11‑08 paragon AG: Significant Increase in Earnings Continues in First Three Quarters
2007‑08‑09 paragon AG raises efficiency in the first half of 2007
2007‑05‑21 paragon AG: Focus on the Automotive division
2007‑05‑09 paragon with significant earnings growth in the first quarter of 2007
2007‑03‑28 paragon AG: record year 2006, dividend raise planned
2006‑11‑20 paragon AG: Further major orders for automotive products
2006‑11‑08 paragon AG: Strong growth in first nine months
2006‑08‑25 paragon AG Acquires Remaining Stake in paragon fidelity GmbH
2006‑08‑09 paragon AG: Significant growth in the first half of 2006
2006‑05‑10 paragon AG: First Quarter of 2006 Off to a Strong Start
2006‑03‑22 paragon AG: paragon continues on long-term course for growth